Discount Card Fundraiser - Learn How to Raise the Most Money

Written by Howard Gottlieb

When was the last time you went to a restaurant without a coupon?

The fact is that these days most people want a deal. They look for coupons and make their decisions on where to eat, where to be entertained and what to purchase based on what type of coupon or deal they can find.

With everyone watching their spending, choosing the right fundraiser for your group is crucial. That's why we believe that Discount Card Fundraisers are absolutely perfect for most fundraising groups.

Let's talk about 3 reasons discount cards are one of the best fundraising ideas out there.

Reason #1: Highest Profits Available

Profit Percentage

When you consider different fundraising ideas do you have a target profit percentage you desire?

Most schools and lots of other groups hope for 50% profit. That's the margin available for cookie dough, candles and other brochure fundraisers.

Discount card fundraisers are different. You can make up to 90% profit.

How is that possible?

Consider our custom discount cards. The market price for this type of fundraising card is $10. Depending on how many cards your group orders your cost can be as little as $1 or less per card. That means you can make $9 per card profit or 90%!!

Reason #2: Many Cards are Personalized for Your Group

Fundraising Card

With custom discount cards you imagination is your limit. The above card was designed specifically per the customer's instructions.

But our graphics department can design the card any way you choose.

That means the front of the card can be one large graphic or photo of your group. It can be your logo. It can be a team shot. It can be whatever you like.

The back of the card is where the local offers are written. There are plenty of design options available for that as well.

Discount cards are one of the only fundraising products that not only can be customized per your design instructions it is the only product created almost exclusively for that purpose.

Reason #3: Lots of Different Discount Card Fundraisers

Lots of Choices

Here are 3 of the top discount card fundraising programs:

1. Pizza Fundraising Cards: Pizza fundraiser cards are our most popular fundraiser. You sell the Pizza Fundraising Cards for $10. The card entitles the holder to a free medium one topping pizza when they purchase a large one topping. The cards are good at thousands of locations including specific participating Papa Johns, Pizza Huts and more.

2. Sandwich Shop Fundraising Cards: Everyone loves to save money. That’s why they search for subway sandwich coupons. These fundraising cards are like getting 20 subway subs coupons. You download the merchant agreement, take it to your local sandwich shop and we will print your fundraising cards with the store name and logo along with your group info.

3. Dinner and Movie Discount Cards: Our newest fundraising discount card - the Dinner and Movie Fundraising Card - offers discounts up to 50% at more than 100,000 different restaurants, theatres and movie rental stores for an entire year. Make 60% profit. Free shipping.

More Information

Easy Fundraising Ideas helps more groups with Fundraising Cards. That gives us access to information on which discount card programs work best. We highlight the most profitable products on this page.

Don’t let your profits be robbed by hidden shipping costs and less than honest profit enhancers. We guarantee the lowest price on fundraising discount cards or we will match it. Giving you the lowest price insures that your discount card fundraiser will yield the highest profits for your group.

Fundraising Cards offer the highest profits available in the fundraising industry. You and your group can realistically make profits equaling or exceeding 90%.We offer a great selection of cards that you can choose from.

All have been tried and proven by other groups so we know you can use them to raise the money you need.

So how do you choose the best Discount Card?

The most commonly used is our Pizza Discount Cards. Typically a local pizzeria will provide a buy one get one free offer. The card can be used 20 times providing great value to the person who buys the $10 discount card from you. The second most popular is our Sandwich Shop Discount Card which works with sandwich and sub shops. We also can design a multi merchant custom discount card if you prefer. Here are some benefits common to all of the Discount Cards.

Lots of fundraising companies offer profits of 100% or more. It is impossible to make 100% profit unless you are getting something for free. Don't fall for articificial profit percentages inflated by including free cards. Look at the real cost per card.

Our Discount Card Fundraisers:

Custom Discount Card
Design Your Group's Own Card with Local Merchants. Card
Good at any of more than 18,000 restaurants nationwide.
Dinner and a Movie
Print coupons to more than 100,000 stores.
Pizza Discount Cards
Best Selling Buy One Get One Free Pizza Cards.
Papa John's Pizza Card
Buy One Get One Free Papa Johns Cards.
Sandwich Shop Card
Buy One Get One Free Sandwich Shop Cards.
Money Savings Cards
Buyers get great discounts and cash back while shopping online.
What Our Customers Say:
Fundraising Discount Cards
Review Posted by: Melanie - (March 05 2014)

Tiffany, I just wanted to let you know I received our discount cards and they look awesome! Thank you again for all your help, I will definitely go through you for any future fundraisers! Thank you, Melanie

Discount Card Fundraisers
Review Posted by: Fox Valley - (July 23 2013)

Thanks, Rob, for all your help again for this year. It is a pleasure working with you and Kari and the whole organization.

Custom Discount Fundraising Cards
Review Posted by: Woodbridge Band - (May 29 2013)

Kari ~ That is perfect!! Thank you so much for all of your help. This is one of our best fundraisers for the students...easy to sell and great profit for the kids.

Discount Card Fundraisers
Review Posted by: Kaitlyn Welsh - (September 13 2012)

Quick response. Great information from the chat. Looking forward to working with you in November thanks for your help!

Fundraising Discount Cards
Review Posted by: Heather - (September 11 2012)

Thank you! The cards look great! Have a super day! Heather

Fundraising Discount Cards
Review Posted by: Kathy - (August 30 2012)

I GOT IT! Hurray, hurray, hurray!. I wouldn't have gotten it if you hadn't called. I can't thank you enough. - K. :)

Custom Discount Fundraising Cards
Review Posted by: Columbus East HS - (June 14 2012)

Good Evening Kari, Received the discount cards on Tuesday, and I must say they look great! Thank you for all of your help. I will be the discount card guy for the next couple of years. Looking forward to working with you again. God Bless, Brent

Custom Discount Fundraising Cards
Review Posted by: Woodbridge Band Boosters - (May 29 2012)

Perfect!! Thank you for everything...quick and painless as always. You have a great weekend too. Nancy L. Ro

Discount Card Fundraisers
Review Posted by: Brent Clem - (May 24 2012)

Good Morning Kari! WOW! The latest proof looks excellent! Thank you so much! This is a go to print job. Now, may I ask what is the timeline I can expect the cards in hand? I really would like to start passing them out at the first marching band practice, which begins June 4th. Is this a possibility? LMK. Again, I thank you

Fundraising Discount Cards
Review Posted by: Nancy - (April 12 2012)

Yes! I got them and they look great! We have a meeting tomorrow night and it will be so great to walk in with these earlier than they were expecting to see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all of your help and patience through your part of this project. Now it's our turn (especially those kids) to sell, sell, sell! I hope I have to call you to reorder! Blessings and Hugs, Nancy

Discount Card Fundraisers
Review Posted by: Stacey Houston - (March 20 2012)

I LoVE you , lol thank you!!! You saved my rear !

Custom Discount Fundraising Cards
Review Posted by: Todd Young - (March 15 2012)

Your website is like no is the BEST!

Fundraising Pizza Cards
Review Posted by: Julie Wright - (March 06 2012)

I did receive your catalog. We have all ready ordered and received the Domino's cards. We started selling them this past Tuesday. This company has been wonderful to work with. We will be using you again.

Restaurant Fundraiser Cards
Review Posted by: Fred Lee - (February 21 2012)

Pretty good fundraiser. I might order more soon just so you know.

High Profit Pizza Fundraiser Cards
Review Posted by: Debbie Lombardozzi - (February 20 2012)

Last spring, we did the Dominoes Pizza card fundraiser. I couldn't believe how simple it was. Thank you for making the whole process so easy. A simple phone call and we were on our way. And the product arrived promplty the same week. We are planning to do it again this spring. Thanks again.

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