Healthy Fundraising Snacks

There are lots of people who want to sell candy or cookie dough but simply can't because they feel like those items are too fattening. In fact lots of school districts have started restricting the type of items that can be sold for fundraising.

But that doesn't mean people don't want to purchase delicious snacks. So what can a group do?

On this page we highlight four different healthy snack fundraising programs. Two of the programs are considered brochure sales. For those options there is no cost or risk to get started. We send brochures for your group to pre sell the snacks with. You collect your money and place a bulk order for the items you sell and can even use the money collected to pay for your order.

The other two items are considered direct sale items. That means you purchase these items and physically have then in your hand to show customers. All four of these snack food fundraisers have proven itself as a money raising winner.

You will see that you don't need to eliminate snack foods to meet or exceed the healthier lifestyle expectations of your most health conscious supporters and raise lots and lots of money.

Fruit Snack Fundraiser

Welch's Fruit Snacks

These fruit snacks are loaded with essential vitamins

Trail Mix Fundraiser

Trail Mix Fundraiser

Great No Upfront Cost Healthy Snack Fundraiser

Snackin in the USA Fundraiser

Snackin in the USA

Our top no upfront cost snack fundraiser for the past 3 years

Fruit Rolls Fundraiser

Welch’s Fruit Rolls

Welch’s Fruit Rolls are a healthy alternative when choosing a fundraising product.

Jack Links Beef Stick Fundraiser

Beef Jerky Fundraisers

Jack Links products offer a healthy alternative to candy bars

Making Healthier Fundraising Choices

Making healthy fundraiser choices is important. I doubt anyone will argue with that. And, while many people will say that you have to eliminate chocolates and candies from fundraising, we don't believe that is true. That's why we took the time to identify four different healthy snack fundraising programs for you to consider.

No Upfront Cost Healthy Snack Fundraisers

Most groups don't have money to purchase items to sell for fundraising. For those that do we suggest you consider the Beek Sticks or Fruit Snacks highlighted at the top of this page. We even offer a great selection of Peanut Free Fundraising Candy Bars. While it would be hard to argue that candy bars are healthy at least these candy bars are peanut free so you can eliminate allergy fears.

We want to spend a little time here reviewing the basics of our two suggested no upfront cost options:

1. Snackin in the USA: Snackin' in the USA is the number one Snack Fundraiser in the USA. It has been since we added it to our product line a few years ago.

The program includes 31 different delicious snack foods. While we do change the selection once a year here is a list offered from a recent program so you can see the types of snacks available. As you can see not every item is healthy but there are plenty of healthy options:

Chocolate Covered Almonds, Butter Toffee Peanuts, Say Cheese! Mix, Hawaiian Delight, Fruit Salad Mix, Gummi Bears, Neon Sour Gummy Worms, Mixed Nuts with Peanuts, Peanut Squares, Candy Cherries, Hot Tamales, Cashew Snack Mix, Sweet n' Crunchy Trail Mix, Chocolate Non-Pareils, Cashew Halves, Chocolate Malted Milk Balls, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Animal Crackers, Caramel Cremes, Neopolitan Pretzel Mix, Gummi Fruit Slices, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Chocolate Covered Raisins, Peanut Brittle, All American Mix, Roasted & Salted Almonds, Cranberry Trail Mix, Mom's Apple Pie Mix, Peanut Chews, Salsa Mix.

Your group makes 50% profit on every item sold and the fundraiser is FREE to Start. We'll send a free brochure and order for each member of group to presell with. If you sell 150 items or more we will even pay for shipping!

2. Trail Mix Fundraiser: Food fundraisers have always been easy since everyone eats. The problem, though, has become what types of food to sell. As obesity has become a greater concern, many organizations are looking for healthier foods they can sell to continue to meet their fundraiser goals.

That is why we added our new Trail mix fundraiser. It features trail and snack mixes with a great variety of healthy products that still fill that craving for something sweet or salty. In fact, with products ranging from the Natural Snacks trail mix to the Roasted Cashews and Hokey Pokey, everyone can find a snack they will enjoy munching on. Each bag of trail mix sells for only $8.

We provide your group with free brochures so that you can pre-sell the snack and trail mixes. That means this fundraiser is free to start. And with a low minimum of just 150 items plus a guaranteed profit of 50%, you can see why so many groups are doing a great job fund raising with healthy snacks.

Healthy Non Food Fundraisers

There is another way to make healthy fundraising choices. That's to stay away from food items completely. So let's talk about three great options you might want to consider:

1. Candle Fundraisers: Candle are one of those perfect fundraising products because nearly everyone uses them either at home or at their office. So you can sell a product people are already buying. We offer a wide selection of candles to satisfy any type of group.

All candle fundraisers work the same though. You get brochures for each member of your group. They show the brochure to friends and family and take order for candles. The sale typically lasts for two weeks at the end of which you collect the orders, tally them together and place a bulk order.

Unlike some national brands we offer 50% profit on our candle fundraisers. There's no minimum and you can even qualify for FREE shipping.

Click Here for Candle Fundraising Details


2. Flower Bulb Fundraisers: We will send you full color brochures with outstanding photographs and descriptions of 24 different fundraising flowers and bulbs to sell to your supporters. The brochure includes a detailed order form with prices, planting instructions and other pertinent information.

Your members show the brochure to family and friends and ask them to purchase their favorite bulbs to support your group. You collect your money at the time of the sale. We suggest your sale lasts for two weeks. At the end of the sale order forms are all collected and you place a bulk order for the bulbs you have sold. You can use the money you have collected from the pre sale to pay for your purchase, eliminating the need for any upfront money.

Your group will make 50% profit on all the bulbs you sell. If your group sells more than 150 packages of bulbs we will pay for all shipping costs. On orders of 150 units or less we charge a $65 shipping fee. Take a look at just a few of the benefits YOU get when you use our fundraising catalogs!

  1. We provide free Flower & Bulb brochures and order forms.
  2. Choose from 24 of the best-selling seasonal flowers.
  3. Free Delivery on orders of more than 150 units.
  4. Retail prices range from $8 to $24. • Your group makes 50% Profit!

Click Here for Flower Bulb Fundraising Details


3. Coffee Fundraiser: Our Coffee Fundraiser continues to grow in popularity. With 6 roasted in the USA coffee options from Coffee City USA as well as 5 delicious teas there is something for everyone. We now offer single cup recyclable brewer pods that fit into most Keurig, Inc. style single-serve coffee machines. Just call to 1-866-874-8383 to request your brochure with single cup pods! All Coffee and Tea sell for only $10 making this one of the most easy fundraising ideas you will ever try.

You will receive full color brochures with and cash envelopes with no upfront cost to you. Simply have your group members present the brochure to family, friends and co-workers. Do not forget to encourage your group members to include the reason why! It is often the most important part of engaging your supporters. Have your members practice their why speech and your fundraising earnings will soar.

You collect your money at the time of the sale. We suggest your sale lasts for two weeks. At the end of the sale order forms are all collected, and you place a bulk order for the coffee you have sold. You can use the money you have collected from the pre sale to pay for your purchase, eliminating the need for any upfront money.

Your group will make 40% profit on all the coffee and tea you sell. If your group sells more than 150 items we will pay for all shipping costs. On orders of 150 units or less we charge a $65 shipping fee.

Click Here for Coffee Fundraising Details

Top Fundraising Ideas for June:
Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser
How many cookie dough fundraisers have no minimums, 50% profit and are free to start? That's why our Delisheries Cookie Mix fundraiser is skyrocketing in popularity. You can even qualify for FREE shipping. This is the perfect cookie fundraiser for any size group.
Popcorn Fundraiser
We know you and your customers will be thrilled with our Gourmet Popcorn. You offer bags of eight scrumptious flavors that are all Gluten Free, MSG Free and made with GMO Free corn. Your group will make 40% profit and can even qualify for free shipping.
$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs
Frozen cookie dough is one of the best selling fundraising products. Everyone loves freshly baked cookies. This is our best selling cookie dough program because of the retail selling price. You will sell 2 pounds tubs of dough for only $10 each. Shipping is free unless you are in an extreme remote area. And there's no cost to get started.
Yummy Licks Round Lollipops
Yummy Licks are our #1 lollipop. They come in an assortment of all your favorite flavors. Yummy Licks Round lollipops are packaged in cases of 640 lollipops. Inside the case are 8 packages with each package containing 80 lollipops. You will make 50% profit selling just one case. Shipping is FREE.
Welch's Fruit Snacks
People struggle when choosing a product for a youth fundraiser because of childhood obesity. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to chocolate bars or lollipops, consider selling our Welch's Fruit Snacks Variety Pack. The snacks are 100% Vitamin C, an excellent source of Vitamins A and E, FAT FREE, Made with real fruit and have no preservatives.
Dinner and Movie Card
Our newest fundraising discount card - the Dinner and Movie Fundraising Card - offers discounts up to 50% at more than 100,000 different restaurants, theatres and movie rental stores for an entire year. Make 60% profit. Free shipping.
Trail Mix
Our Trail mix fundraiser mixes a great variety of healthy products that still fill that craving for something sweet or salty. Choose from the Natural Snacks to Roasted Cashews and Hokey Pokey. Everyone can find a snack they will enjoy munching on. We provide free brochures so this fundraiser is free to start. Guaranteed profit of 50%.
Journey of Faith Candles
If you are a faith-based group and want to sell candles then consider our Journey in Faith candle line. This is our newest candle line for faith-based groups. We provide free candle brochures to pre sell the candles so there is not need for upfront cash.
Earth Candles
Earth fundraising candles are a great way to raise money with no upfront money. You offer a terrific selection of candles in all the most popular scents. You make 50% profit on every candle you sell. You can even qualify for free shipping. We provide free brochures for each member of your group and all the materials you need to hold your candle sale.
Coffee and Tea
You might consider selling coffee and tea to raise money. Coffee has been very successful for many types of groups. Your group would sell 10 oz bags of freshly ground coffee for $10 each. There are seven great flavors along with an old fashion gift coffee tin. Coffee sales work best in the fall and winter.
Color Xploder Lollipops
Color Blasters are a fun candy. These swirl lollipops look like a tie-dyed shirt. All of the different flavors are thrown together and you get a unique mixture of color and flavors. Since no two lollipops are exactly the same you get to offer new fresh products each time someone buys one of your fundraising lollipops. There is only a one case minimum.
What Our Customers Say:
Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser
Review Posted by: Jerriann Wortham - (February 14 2017)

I wanted to thank you for all your help with the fundraiser. I have counted and checked all the candles and they are correct. I was very pleased with this fundraiser from start to finish. Also I was expecting it to take two weeks for the candles to come in, we paid on Thursday and the candles were here on Friday. Talk about prompt delivery. I will give everyone a few months to have a break from fundraising and we will definitely be using your company again. Once again thank you for everything. Jerriann Wortham

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser
Review Posted by: Sam Bush - (February 14 2017)

Lisa, The cookie dough was delivered today and everything was perfect. Thanks again for doing this fundraiser with my class. Sam Bush

Preformed Cookie Dough
Review Posted by: Sac County Bandit Baseball - (February 06 2017)

Teresa I got our shipment and I am very appreciative and thankful for how easy this was for our team to generate funds. Your service was top notch and sincerely appreciated. Bret

Heritage Fundraising Candles
Review Posted by: Joan - (December 16 2016)

Hello Lisa, First and foremost, I would like to thank you for all your assistance. I have been very busy and rushed, all with a broken computer and email system. You have answered all my questions and have been very efficient. We love the candles, and I will be doing more fundraising through this company in the Spring. Thank you again, Mrs. Joan Stanolis