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Scratch card fundraising is one of the fastest growing areas of fundraising. We offer a wide variety of different group specific graphics and will also imprint the name of your group at no charge. The cards each raise $100 which means you can make 90% profit or more with your Scratch Card Fundraiser.

You get people to scratch off two of 50 concealed dots on each card. Under each dot is an amount of money ranging from $.50 to $3.Supporters are asked to donate the revealed amount of money to your organization. In return, as a thank you gift, you give them a sheet of valuable coupons from national merchants.

What Our Customers Say:
Money Scratch Card Fundraiser
Review Posted by: Donna - (September 22 2014)

Kari - Thanks for your prompt efficient service. Everyone is excited. Hope we can order more. Next time we will get local vendors involved. Sincerely, Donna

All Sport Scratch Cards
Review Posted by: ASA Aquatics - (June 20 2013)

Kari, Everything looks great, we are a water polo club with some kids who cannot afford to pay for their dues so we think this is a great way to help the "earn" them. We look forward to ordering more as soon as we run out! Angela

Money Savings Card Fundraising
Review Posted by: Kristy Johnson - (March 29 2012)

Hi Sonia, Thank you for your assistance during this process. Your expertise was invaluable in selecting a fundraiser for our organization.

They work like donation systems.

Each of the fundraising scratch cards raises $100. You can also choose to have your own coupon sheets attached to the custom imprinted scratch cards if you would like. As you will see, we have scratch card fundraisers for every type of fundraising group.

Easy Fundraising Ideas sells more fundraising scratch cards. We offer 20 different graphics so any fundraising group can find the perfectr scratch card fundraiser for their needs.

We guarantee the best prices on all scratch card fundraisers. If you find a lower price on the identical scratch card offer we will meet or beat that offer. Remember we pay for all shipping costs so there are no hidden fees.

Some companies advertise higher profits. Some even say you will make 100% profit or more. But that is only possible if you pay nothing for the scratch cards. The higher profits are usually due to free cards they send you. But the actual cost per card may be higher.

December's most popular Scratch Off Fundraising Cards

Patriotic Scratch Cards

There are a lot of groups that need to raise money and want a creative fundraising idea. The problem for many is they want something different for your group. Scratch card fundraisers with our Patriotic card are perfect for scouts, veteran groups or any other patriotic group looking for high profit, low risk unique fundraising ideas.

Baseball Scratch Cards

These scratch off cards are our most profitable baseball fundraiser. The card graphics with batter and catcher clearly let people know you are holding a baseball team scratch card fundraiser. We will imprint your team name just below the word Team on the cards at no additional cost. Make up to 90% profit.

Softball Scratch Cards

If your softball team is looking for a high profit softball fundraiser scratch off cards should be considered. Each of the fundraising scratch off cards will raise $100 each. That amount of money should go along way towards paying for tournament fees, uniforms and other items softball fundraisers are held for.

Basketball Scratch Cards

Before deciding on your next basketball fundraiser, consider fundraising scratch off cards with basketball graphics. Supporters will know they are supporting a basketball organization when they see the ball sliding through the net on the card front. This is a great basketball tournament fund raiser.

Football Scratch Cards

Football is a very expensive sport to play. That is why so many teams decide to hold a football fundraiser. Our scratch off program for football teams is an easy way for players to raise $100 each in a relatively short period of time. Whether you are raising money for a team or a league, scratch card fundraisers have worked well for all sized football groups.

Soccer Scratch Cards

Soccer is one of the most popular participant sports in the country. Players, teams and leagues needing to raise a lot of money turn to fundraising scratch cards. Each card raises $100. Your team or league name is imprinted free of charge on each card. It's a great soccer fundraiser idea.

Cheerleading Scratch Cards

Fundraising scratch cards are a great cheerleading fundraising idea. With their natural outgoing personalities, cheerleaders can easily get people to donate money to their team using our cheerleading scratch cards. Each card raises $100. Shipping is free. These cards allow cheerleaders to raise money quickly.

Wrestling Scratch Cards

Wrestling fundraising is quite often reflective of its sport and more of an individual project. But scratch off fundraising is a terrific way for either teams or individual wrestlers to meet their financial needs. Each scratch card raises $100 and can be imprinted with up to three lines of custom text to customize your card.

Golf Scratch Cards

Scratch card fundraisers are one of the best golf fundraising ideas. Whether you are fundraising for golf tournaments or to cover other expenses, scratch off cards provide a high profit donation program to help meet your needs. The graphics on these cards make them wonderful tennis fundraisers too!

Volleyball Scratch Cards

If you play volleyball, you will probably be involved with a volleyball tournament fund raiser. Tournaments are one of the largest expenses for volleyball teams. Scratch card fundraisers give each player the opportunity to raise $100 for the team by simply getting a single card filled in. Fund raising volleyball ideas do not get any easier than this.

Dance Scratch Cards

Children get started in dance and gymnastic programs at younger ages than ever before. The fundraising scratch cards are a great gymnastics fundraising idea and perfect for dance groups too. Scratch card fundraisers work well for individuals as well as for larger groups.

Hockey Scratch Cards

Parents tell us hockey is the most expensive sport for young children to participate in. The equipment costs alone can persuade parents to pursue different options. If you need hockey fundraising ideas or hockey team fundraisers, though, scratch off cards fundraisers are one of the highest, easily managed fundraisers available.

Band Scratch Cards

Virtually every school band depends on band fundraising for its very existence. More and more bands are opting to use scratch cards for their band fundraiser. Part of the reason is the amount of money that bands need to raise. Scratch card fundraisers offer a simple, easy to handle fundraising option perfect for bands.

Music Scratch Cards

We have designed scratch card fundraisers that work well for all groups involved with music. All fundraising companies design programs specifically for large school bands. The scratch card fundraising graphics on these cards work well for choirs, bands, singers and musicians involved with groups for raising money individually.

High School Scratch Off Cards

Once students reach high school age fundraising becomes much more specific and determined. That?s why scratch off cards are perfect high school fundraising tools. The fundraising scratch cards raise a lot of money with a very small cost. The minimum order is only one card. And the cards are custom imprinted with high school group name at no additional charge.

Elementary School Scratch Cards

Virtually every student will experience an elementary school fundraiser before reaching the 6th grade. So much is paid for with elementary school fundraising efforts that are not covered by school budgets. If you need a high profit fundraiser, take a look at our scratch card fundraisers. Each participant can raise $100 using just one card.

Church Scratch Cards

If you are exploring church fundraiser ideas, scratch off cards might be your answer. Our faith based scratch card fundraising program is designed for churches, faith based schools and church youth groups. Supporters make donations based amounts revealed on the scratch cards and are given valuable coupons as thank you gifts.

Money Savings Card Fundraising

The most exciting new fundraiser in years! Earn up to 90%. Cards NEVER Expire. Low minimums. FREE shipping. Cardholder gets up to 75% savings at thousands of different stores. Great for EVERY group!! You can sell these fundraising cards anywhere in the United States. There are no geographical limitations.

All Sport Scratch Cards

If you want an easy fundraising idea for sports, scratch card fundraisers are just what you are looking for. If you can not find your specific sport in our collection of scratch off graphics, All Sports Cards are your best option. Make up to 90% profit.

Money Scratch Cards

Scratch card fundraising is one of the highest profit fundraisers available to any group needing to raise money. Our Money Scratch Card is the top selling of our fundraising scratch cards because it clearly indicates you are raising money and can be used by any type of fundraising group. Each card raises $100.

Sorority Scratch Cards

There are many groups searching for fraternity and sorority fundraising ideas. Scratch card fundraisers are a great way to raise a lot of money very quickly. We can even work with your group to design a custom coupon sheet with merchants surrounding your school to make the program even more targeted to your supporters.

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Football Scratch Cards

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Keeping it Simple with a Scratch Cards Fraternity Fundraiser

A fraternity fundraiser can be fun, and it's certainly a great bonding exercise for your chapter, but there are also a lot of hassles associated with a product based fundraiser. First there's the ordering phase, where you have to go around and collect orders and money from your supporters. Then, once the product is delivered to you, you have to make sure everyone gets what they ordered. It can be a pain...

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