When you are planning a fundraiser for your local school, it is not always possible to splash out on expensive events such as carnivals. After all, isn?t the whole point of a fundraiser to make money, not to spend it?

The school probably has enough financial problems in the current economy, so it is very unlikely that they will be able to put a lot of money towards your school fundraising ideas. Fortunately there are some great fundraising solutions that are very affordable to pull off, and will likely bring a good amount of money to your school cause.

School fundraising ideas need to be something that everybody can enjoy. One thing that all students love is food, and we have several school cookie dough fundraising ideas to suit many different tastes. Our Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Fundraiser is a great way to earn money when you have next to no budget. It is free to set up, and we will provide everything you need to get started. Once you have collected as many orders as you like, we will ship the cookies out to you for free as well. The profits you receive can be as high as 55% (depending on sales), making your fundraiser a real success.

All of our cookies are kosher certified and peanut free, meaning that many most people at your school can enjoy them. Alternatively, you may want to bake your own cookies when planning school fundraising ideas. In this case, a few simple ingredients can help you pull off the perfect school fundraiser.

It might be useful to recruit the help of the class for this one, as more hands in the kitchen means more money toward your cause. Making sure that everybody knows about your fundraiser is important too, and a few signs or flyers is a great way to achieve this.