Whether your school group is looking to raise funds for uniforms, supplies, travel expenses, or anything else, no doubt you are looking around this site because you need some good fundraisers for school. You're certainly not alone - in today's economic climate, most schools are in the position now that they rely on fundraisers at least somewhat to help supplement what the budget cannot. Because of this, good fundraisers for school are not hard to find, and in fact the problem you are more likely to have is choosing from among all the good fundraisers for school that are available.

If your definition of a good fundraiser for school is that it doesn't repeat the same fundraisers that your school does every single year, you definitely have some options in this department. For example, you could do our Go Green catalogue fundraiser, which is a fantastically forward-thinking idea for fundraisers for school. The Go Green fundraiser works like any other catalog fundraisers for school, but the difference is that all the products are environmentally conscious, and kind to our planet. These kinds of products can make good fundraisers for school for several reasons - not only can you make a good amount of money, but you can teach the kids an important lesson about environmental responsibility, as well as showing the community that your school cares about the earth.

This doesn't mean that you should count out some of the more classic good fundraisers for school. Some ideas have been around forever, but that's because they're strong performers and work well year after year, no matter what. For example, a lot of people roll their eyes at the idea of doing a chocolate fundraiser for school, but think about it - who do you know who doesn't like chocolate, or who wouldn't buy at least a couple of dollars worth of chocolate to support kids? Chocolate is one of the oldest good fundraisers for school, but it's also one of the most reliable, so keep that in mind when looking for good fundraisers for school.