There are many different fundraiser ideas for schools. Here are a few tips on how to identify the best school fundraising ideas for your particular school.

1. Determine the number of students that will participate. There are many different fundraiser ideas for schools and the fact of the matter is that some are better suited for larger groups and others are designed specifically for smaller groups and even individuals.

2. Do you have money to purchase fundraising products to sell? If you have money to spend then your school can really take advantage of any fundraising idea. That means you can consider things like candy fundraising which require groups to purchase the candy in advance. Public schools, though, that can issue purchase orders might be able to purchase candy on credit but most groups need to pay in advance.

That leaves brochure or pre sell fundraisers. Those are the fundraising programs where each member of your group gets a brochure and they sell product to people after showing the brochure. The most popular brochure fundraiser is cookie dough fundraising. These types of fundraisers don't require any upfront money. Your groups sells during a defined period of time. At the end of the sale all of the orders are gathered and tallied together. Your final order is then placed with the fundraising company. There are lots of different brochure fundraisers to choose from.

3. When are you wanting to hold your fundraiser? There are fundraiser ideas for schools that work best at different times of the year. For example you might not want to sell candy bars in the summer time when the temperatures are high enough to melt chocolate.

Consider these items before choosing the best fundraiser idea for your school.