Options for a Cookie Dough Fundraiser Program

Post Icon Posted on 04/26/2011 by Howard Gottlieb

Fundraising is a way of life for most groups, and cookie dough is one of the most popular fundraisers out there. If you've already had a look online for a cookie dough fundraiser program, you've probably discovered that there are quite a few to choose from.

We have a wide selection of fundraising ideas that will help you get to the goals you have set for your group, but choosing the right cookie dough fundraiser program is a matter of sitting down and figuring out exactly what your logistic abilities are, and what sort of needs your group has.

After that, we can help set you up with the cookie dough fundraiser program that's right for you.

Dry mix cookie dough is probably not what you were thinking of when you started considering a cookie dough fundraiser program, but for many groups it's a better choice than frozen options. Delivery day can be a bit hectic when frozen dough is involved; you either need to get it distributed right away, or you need a place where you can store it until distribution is possible. This is not an issue with dry mix cookie dough - you simply store it at room temperature and it's good to go. It's a great cookie dough fundraiser program if you want to keep your fundraiser stress level as low as possible.

Home delivery frozen cookie dough is another option to help ease chaos on delivery day. In fact, there's no delivery day at all - you simply give your supporters a coupon for their order, and they order their own dough online. The company delivers their order directly to them, cutting you out of the loop entirely. This is a great cookie dough fundraiser program not only because of the ease of delivery, but because your supporters can order the product whenever they want it, at a time that's convenient for them.

Top Cookie Dough Fundraising Products

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

Frozen cookie dough is one of the best selling fundraising products. Everyone loves freshly baked cookies. This is our best selling cookie dough program because of the retail selling price. You will sell 2 pounds tubs of dough for only $10 each. Shipping is free unless you are in an extreme remote area. And there's no cost to get started.

Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser

How many cookie dough fundraisers have no minimums, 50% profit and are free to start? That's why our Delisheries Cookie Mix fundraiser is skyrocketing in popularity. You can even qualify for FREE shipping. And now we’ve added Brownies, Pretzels, and Cinnamon Rolls as well.

Preformed Cookie Dough

Brand New!!! We are thrilled to be able to offer two new flavors of Nestle* Toll House* Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!!! Now you can sell boxes through our pre portioned gourmet cookie dough fundraiser. The dough is preformed into perfectly portioned cookies. You just grab the number of cookies you want to bake. There's no need to thaw the dough. People love the convenience of this product. Cookie dough may be frozen for up to 1 year, refrigerated for 6 months, and is shelf stable at room temperature (66°F - 77°F) for 21 days. Cookie dough may be thawed and refrozen.

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