A school fundraiser is just a fact of life. No matter whether you are dealing with an elementary school, middle school, or high school, at some point one of the groups in your school (or indeed the entire school itself) is going to require a way to get money that goes beyond what the school's budget can provide. But in order to have the best possible experience with your school fundraiser, it's important to know what kind of school fundraiser items are available to you, and which ones are suitable for your group and its financial goals.

Some school fundraiser items have been around for many years, and yet they are still some of the most popular. Chocolate, for instance, is a very strong school fundraiser item that can yield fantastically good profits in the right situation. If you have a group of students who are planning on selling their school fundraiser items to their fellow classmates, and you can get permission for them to do so on school grounds, that's a winning combination. Chocolate at lunch periods or between classes is bound to be a great seller, and with it being a direct sale school fundraiser item, any profits after your initial investment go directly to the school.

If you have a large group and need something that can use the full potential of your sales force, why not try something like pretzels? This pre-sale school fundraiser item is something that may not work for smaller groups because of the minimum order requirements, but for larger groups it can be a pretty hefty earner as far as school fundraiser items are concerned. So why not take advantage of everything your group can do and choose a school fundraiser item that suits the size of your team? Check out our other school fundraiser items for ideas on how to make the size and goals of your group work for you.