In your quest to keep your school fundraiser as straightforward as possible, you may have thought that the best idea would be to keep it simple and do a direct sale fundraiser. But you could be cheating your group out of the opportunity to go bigger and make even more money by participating in a school catalog fundraiser. Especially if you have a large group with a lot of selling power, school catalog fundraisers give you the opportunity to make the most money possible, and they're probably not as complicated as you've been led to believe.

School catalog fundraisers get a bad reputation for complexity because of the brochures and order forms involved. But when you really get down to it, in a lot of ways they're more simple than other fundraisers. For one, you don't have to put down any initial investment, and this can be a big relief. Also, with school catalog fundraisers, the kids won't be carrying around any products. Not only does this eliminate the risk of stolen, lost, or misplaced products (which would translate into a money loss for your group), but if the kids are out selling in the wider community, it may be safer for them not to be carrying products around with them for two weeks.

School catalog fundraisers also give you the chance to sell a wider variety of products than you normally would with a direct sale fundraiser. For example, many catalogs have pages and pages of different products, whereas direct sales usually focus on a single product at the time. This can help widen your target market, as a school catalog fundraiser is more likely to have different products that can appeal to a larger range of customers. And if you can increase your chances of sales with a school catalog fundraiser, then it's definitely something worth checking out.