Having a Christian fundraiser is useless if nobody knows that you are doing one.

What do you mean?

Let me explain. Your Christian organization may be starting the best fundraising program the world has ever seen. You may be raising money for the most worthy cause on earth. But if nobody participates, the fundraiser is a failure. You are left asking yourself where you went wrong; reevaluating your motives and questioning your judgment. The answer ? you probably did not advertise.

Nobody can buy your products if they do not know you are selling. Nobody will donate money if they are uncertain of the cause. Advertising is a key element to Christian fundraising. You have to let your customers know exactly what you are raising money for; how their contributions will help.

When your organization or church starts their next Christian fundraiser, go all out! Make posters; print it in the weekly bulletin, the church newsletter. Send out emails and text messages. Let your congregation know by making the announcement in your Sunday morning service. Explain exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it, and when you are doing it. Let them know who to contact, how much they will potentially be investing, and why you need their help. The more they know, they more they are willing to help your group raise money for a good reason!