When people graduate from a college or university, they quite often move throughout the country as they pursue their careers. However, many remain quite loyal to the school that was so key to their lives and want to continue to support the college or university.

But how does a group of individuals that have been spread out throughout the country work together to raise money? Of course they can just make cash donations. But that is not always possible. There is one perfect university fundraising idea that we would like the share with you.

We suggest you consider selling Domino's Pizza Fundraising Cards! Why?

  • The cards can be used at more than 2,500 participating stores throughout the country. Click here to see a list of participating stores. In fact, there are participating stores in nearly every single state. That means the same product can be sold in New York, Texas or California or most any other state.
  • The cards generate extremely high profits. You sell the cards for $10. Alumni groups pay as little as $1 each, giving you up to 90% profit.
  • The cards offer real value to potential supporters. The holder of the card gets a free medium 1 topping pizza each time they purchase a large 1-topping pizza. It can be used up to 20 times. That means the card offers a value of over $150!
  • The card lasts for a long time. The expiration is typically more than one year from the date you purchase them. That means there is no pressure to sell them before they melt or ruin.
  • You do not have to make a large initial investment. The minimum order is only 25 cards. Buy as many or as few as you are comfortable purchasing. You can always buy more as you sell them.

This is the perfect university fundraiser!