When it comes to breast cancer fundraising event the primary technique usually involves a LOT of walking. There are the all-night walk-a-thons, the 3-Day walks, Race for the Cure, and so many others. All of these are great; but occasionally we limit ourselves when it comes to planning events to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness.

Do you have lots of American Idol fans in your area? Host a singing contest that works like AI, but instead of voting, have the audience donate money for their favorite contestant. The concept works just like American Idol. Each contest can have 3 or 4 songs. After each one has sung their first song, have an intermission. Let contestants change clothes, rest and get ready for the next round. During that time set out buckets with the contestant's names on them. The person with the least amount of money is out for the next round. Continue the pattern until you have declared a winner.

Plan your contest for a local gymnasium or theatre. Set up tables around the edge or the room, or as guests walk in with information about breast cancer awareness. For admission you can have each person participate in a scratch card fundraiser. Each person will give a small donation, and can even decide which contestant they want their donation to support. You can also sell candy at a concession table and raise more money.

If you like the idea of selling pizza cards, offer to let the local pizza place in your area set up a booth and sell cards right there on the spot. The profit for each card will go toward the breast cancer fund raiser, and the pizza place will generate lots of new business.

When it is time to plan your next breast cancer awareness month fundraiser try thinking outside the box.