When your daycare is looking for an easy daycare fundraising idea that will also benefit the families and community ? try pizza cards! You can raise money for field trips, classroom supplies, teacher appreciation week, or whatever expense you have coming up. And with a pizza card daycare fundraiser everyone wins?

The daycare will obviously benefit from selling pizza cards. You purchase the cards from your fundraising consultant up front, then turn around and sell the cards for $10 each. The more cards you purchase the less that you pay for each card individually.

To get started with this fundraiser, just download the merchant agreement and take it to your local pizza place. Have the manager or owner fill out the form then fax it to your fundraising consultant. Call in and place the order for your pizza cards. You will probably want to purchase enough for each family in your daycare to purchase one or two cards.

The pizza store will benefit from your daycare fundraiser as well. Most would assume that the pizza company would lose money with so many "get one free" opportunities. However, the pizza cards generate and bring in more people than normal who then become loyal customers after 20 different visits.

The families benefit the most! Each card gives the buyer 20 different chances to get a free pizza from a particular pizza store. You can encourage families in your daycare to make one day of the week family night. They can order pizza, watch a movie or play games ? whatever activity their family enjoys.