In college, my sorority supported the Relay for Life foundation each year with various fundraising activities. One year, after many desperate attempts to collect money from out classmates we resorted to looking inward. Because so many of us had already contributed, we decided to make it a little more fun to give more. We had a water-gun fundraiser.

We each donated $5 to our Relay for Life fundraiser - $1 went toward the purchase of our water-gun, while the other $4 went straight to the charity. We bought water-guns from the dollar store, and passed them out at a meeting one night, along with the rules of the game.

The rules were simple. You were assigned a name of someone else participating, and someone else had your name ? but it was all a secret. It was your job to ?shoot? that person. We each had to be very careful though, because while we were on the hunt, someone else was looking for us. Once you ?shot? your target they gave you the name of the person they were after, and you had a new person to look for; all the while watching your back.

There were some boundaries. We could not shoot each other in chapel, or in the library or cafeteria. We could also not shoot someone in their own dorm room or apartment?because you had to have some sort of resting grounds! After hiding in the bushes and running to each class for a couple of days, people began letting down their guard; my roommate was tagged when we went out to eat. She walked into the restroom, and was shot by her predator, who was hiding out once she saw us walk in. It was a pretty intense game, but everyone had such a good time that we made it a yearly event. We raised lots of money for our Relay for Life fundraiser as well.

You could do the same thing with your group ? make the price of admission be a tub of cookie dough, a pizza card, a Money Savings Card, or something of the like. You can accomplish two Relay for Life fundraiser at once!