There are very few children out there who have the talent, self-discipline, and fortunate circumstances to pursue ice skating seriously.

For many families, "fortunate circumstances" means money, and if you're struggling to keep up with the expenses incurred by having a ice skater in the family, you may have to look for other options in order to keep going.

An ice skating fundraiser is not only a great way to make the money that you need for equipment and travel expenses, it's also a fantastic way to raise support in the community for your little skater, and to make people aware that there are still some kids out there who do something other than sit in front of the games console.

An ice skating fundraiser can be pretty much anything you want it to be. You can sell products, host an event of some kind, or whatever else you can think of. With individual skaters, the challenge is to come up with fundraising ideas that won't cost you more than the profits you're making. If you've decided to sell things, then you'll want to stick to an ice skating fundraiser that has high profits and low minimums.

Scratch card fundraising is a great idea, because they combine everything you need for an individual fundraiser in one simple, easy-to-understand package. The way a scratch cards ice skating fundraiser works is very straightforward. You order however many cards you think you'll need, and we send them out to you. You approach your supporters and have them scratch two dots off the card. Their suggested donation amount will be revealed, and when they donate, in return they will get a sheet of valuable coupons as a token of gratitude. The process is so easy, and you can carry your cards around with you wherever you go, ready for any ice skating fundraiser opportunity that pops up.