If this is the first time you are in charge of fundraising then you should learn the ABC's of fundraising ideas.

So consider this article ABC Fundraising Ideas 101:

A. The first thing to do before even beginning the process is to determine if your group members are motivated to do a fundraiser in the first place. Many groups fail long before they get started because their group doesn't really feel like doing the work necessary to raise money. So step A is make sure they want to raise money and that you have a good reason for them to want to raise money for. In other words there needs to be a good end they look forward to.

B. Choose the best fundraising products. You can do that in any number of ways. One of the first considerations, though, is whether or not your group has money to buy a fundraising product or not. If you do have some money you can consider a candy fundraiser. If you don't have money than you need to choose a pre sell fundraiser such as cookie dough fundraising. Pre sell fundraisers don't cost anything to start. You are give all the marketing materials free of charge. But at this point you should poll your group and see which products they feel they are best able to sell. That's step B.

C. Step C is setting goals and maintaining contact throughout your fundraiser. This is where many groups fail and this is the easiest of the steps. Your sellers will live up to and down to the expectations you set for them. Set a reasonable yet aggressive goal. During your sale make sure you are constantly in touch to see how they are doing in relationship to the goal set.

So before you begin review our ABC Fundraising Ideas 101 article and make sure you are covering the basics.