We have seen more adoption fundraisers in recent years than ever before. There have always been individual fundraising projects for sure. But lately we have talked to many empassioned people ready to adopt but needing to raise money.

So how do they do and what adoption fundraising ideas do they choose most often.

Results in fundraising are very hard to predict. We have found you can have 2 virtually identical groups in the same town selling the same product at the exact same time and they will have different results. The same is true of fundraisers for adoptive parents.

The one common thread it seems in the more successful folks in this category is that they get lots of support from friends and family. Many people holding an adoption fundraiser opt for pre sell or brochure fundraisers and many request large numbers of fundraising catalogs.

We explain to people when they book their fundraiser that each person selling only needs one brochure. Yet we have had people request 200 or more brochures. We find that they have enlisted huge support circles and all of those people sell to raise money for their adoption.

People going it more or less alone seem to gravitate towards discount card fundraisers. The most common are pizza cards or sandwich shop cards. These cards have buy one get one free offers that are very valuable. They sell easily and offer extremely high profits. It is not uncommon for one person raising money for an adoption to sell 250 discounts themselves.

Although adoption fundraisers are very personal in respects to the reasons for the fundraiser we strongly suggest you clearly advertise what your fundraiser proceeds will go for. Even when the economy is performing poorly people have a tendency to help out when they can. You just need to let them know you are raising money for a good cause.