Once you and your team or committee has chosen a terrific fundraising program to do for your elementary PTO fundraiser, make sure you have several ways of getting the word out. Word-of-mouth is great, and certainly efficient, but will not always get the response you need. Take just a few extra steps to making your next fundraiser a success?

--Make announcements. Let the children in on what is happening. Get them excited about upcoming events and fundraisers. If they are looking forward to it, they are more likely to do well.

--Advertise in weekly newsletters. Put together a weekly flyer that has important information for parents and teachers. Ask teachers to pass out the letters to each student each week; create a routine that everyone can expect and looks forward to reading.

--Send emails. If you have access, get the email address of the parents in the school. Sending out a monthly email may be just the ticket! Announcements and flyers may not always survive the trip home from school ? but your email can go straight to them!

--Make posters. Never underestimate the power of a bright, shiny poster. Make visual reminders of events, deadlines, and even just encouraging words. Put them in places that the children and parents are likely to see on a daily basis.

Go the extra mile with your next PTO fundraising campaign. Whether you are selling cookie dough, candles or coffee ? if you put all the effort you can into making your PTO fundraisers great, then you will not be disappointed with the results.