A baseball fundraiser is useless if nobody knows what is happening. Advertising for your fundraiser is very important. The days of door-to-door sales are not only long-gone but also a dangerous option for young children. So what can your team do to let everyone know that you are having a fundraiser?

Posters ? Although it may seem logical to lump door to door sales and poster advertisement together, posters have withstood the test of time. Posters can be eye-catching, and stand as a good reminder about upcoming events. The funnier, brighter, or more informative a poster is, the better. Let potential customers know what you are selling, how much it will cost, and who to contact.

Carwashes ? You may assume that a carwash in and of itself is a fundraiser, and it certainly can be, but if your team is having a carwash, be sure you make the most of it. If you are selling candy as part of your sports fundraising idea, then consider selling it at the carwash to customers as they wait.

Concessions ? Use other sports seasons to your advantage. If the local little league basketball season has games each Saturday in January, then take the opportunity to sell candy as a concession stand to parents, siblings, and fans during the games. You can also have a scratch card booth set up where people can participate in using the scratch card donations to help you raise money for your team.

Once you and your team have decided which baseball fundraising idea you think will help you earn the most money, be sure to let everyone know what you are doing. Be creative and get the word out!