The All Star Cheerleading Federation is very important to the sport of cheerleading. Cheerleading is a vast sport that is growing by the day. It allows girls and boys to maintain active lifestyles and create new friends. If cheerleaders choose to become competitive, then a whole new world opens up.

All Star Cheerleading Federation Sets Standards

Competitive cheerleading is, well, competitive. There are so many teams that you can join. Each team belongs to an association such as the National Cheerleading Association (NCA), American Cheerleaders Association (ACA), Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA), and there are many more. Almost every Association belongs to the U.S. All Star Federation (USASF). The All Star Cheerleading Federation was created to set standards for all associations that compete against one another. USASF is the largest cheerleading federation in the world.

U.S. All Star Federation - USASF Regulates Cheerleading

Imagine the USASF as an umbrella. It holds many different groups with one set of standards. If you go to attend a USASF competition it can also be an UCA, NCA, ACA, or any other kind of event. The USASF website states that “the USASF is about standardization of rules from one competition to the next.” It is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board that consists of industry leaders from major competition companies and nationally recognized owners. The Board is made up of committees such as Rules; Safety; Selection; Education and Ethics; and many others that help to run the USASF smoothly.