Picking the right fundraiser can be a difficult task. There are usually one or two things about a fundraiser program that can work against your group ? high minimums, shipping fees, ordering in full cases quantities, etc. Christian fundraising can prove to be an even bigger challenge, because the desire to sell a product worth-while to your customer. The biggest complaint that is heard about fundraising is that there is not a product available that EVERYONE would want to purchase. But all of that is changing.

The newest program available is something everyone wants: Money Savings Cards.

The Money Savings Card is exactly what it sounds like - it is a card that gives the buyer exclusive rights to online shopping discounts at hundreds of stores. Each card features a code on the back that the buyer uses to create a login account where he or she will receive updates and notices about various discounts at their favorite stores.

Your group will sell each card for $10; your profit is based on the amount of cards you buy. With a minimum of only 25 cards you will start off making 50% of every card sold. Your next Christian fundraiser is sure to be a hit ? you will not go wrong with these cards.

There are several perks besides high profits and low minimums when it comes to the Money Savings Cards. First, there is no expiration date. Your customer can use the cards over and over. You are also not limited to selling in a particular area. Money Savings Cards can be sold anywhere in the United States.

When it is time to start raising money for your next Christian fundraising effort go with the fundraiser that everyone will enjoy!