Raising money for a basketball team can be a challenge; especially if your team is comprised of students. There are a million other things they are doing, and fundraising is not usually at the top of their list. It is important to get your fundraiser off on the right foot if you hope to pull them in, and keep them motivated.

First, find a fundraiser that suits the team. The boy?s basketball team may not have a ton of interest in selling flower bulbs, but they would probably support the idea of selling pizza cards. Find a program that your team is interested in as a potential customer as well as seller ? you want them to want to sell it.

Second, set a goal. Athletes understand the importance of a goal, so make one with your basketball fundraiser, but make it attainable. Instead of throwing an arbitrary number at them, tell each player how many items they need to sell in order to reach the team goal. It is much easier to think about selling 14 items than it is to make $1,000.

Third, keep them going. During a fundraiser, it is your job to be the cheerleader. You have to motivate them to do their best; to keep selling even after they?ve reached their goal. Remind them what they are working toward, and let them know that you are proud of what they are doing.

Last, make sure you set deadlines, and stick to them. Tell each person when orders and money are due at the end of your basketball fund raiser. Warn them a few days in advance and make sure they know where to bring all of their forms and checks.

Overall, make sure that your team understands the purpose behind the basketball fundraiser. Even if they are not entirely enthusiastic about doing a fundraiser, they are probably willing to do whatever it takes for the team.