Looking for great basketball fundraiser idea?

Have you considered:

  • Basketball Scratch Off Fundraising Cards
  • Basketball Lollipop Fundraisers
  • Hershey's Candy Fundraising?

Since middle school and high school basketball programs run in the winter in a gymnasium, they quite often have built in audiences for their basketball fundraising efforts. It is the same thing with YMCA fundraising and recreational leagues.

Go to just about any school gym on basketball days and you will see plenty of people ready to see a good game. From the smallest kids to the top high school basketball program, you will find fans, family, friends and onlookers attending the game.

Smart teams take advantage of that audience.

How easy do you think it would be to sell $1 Hershey candy bars at a game or practice? Don't you think most people in the stand will pay a couple of dollars for a few candy bars, especially if the proceeds help support the team. Same thing with basketball lollipops. You sell them for $.50 each - twice what they cost you.