Flower fundraisers are one of the best ways to raise money for your charity. Not only do flowers fit right in with our cultural move toward a greener lifestyle, but flowers symbolize many of the the things that are at the heart so many charities - renewed life, growth, and natural beauty.

Flower fundraisers are also a good way to raise awareness for your charity, as people will remember your organization every time they see their flowers, and they will pass the word on anytime someone remarks on the beauty of their flower bed. There are so many positive things that flower fundraisers stand for, it's easy to see why so many groups choose this wonderful fundraising idea to help them get to their financial goals.

Flower fundraisers are easy to implement, and they're good for groups with tight budgets. Because this is a pre-sale fundraiser, there's no money to be spent upfront - all you have to do is order your free brochures and order forms, and we send those out to you right away. The rest is up to your fundraising team and their bubbly personalities.

They visit your supporters, explain why you have chosen flower fundraisers this time around, and collect orders and money. Flowers have always been an easy sell, but that's even more true these days in the context of the green movement.

You never have to worry about getting bored with flower fundraisers, as our seasonal brochures contain at least 24 different varieties of bulbs to please everyone. Each bulb comes with detailed planting instructions, so that even people who aren't usually gardeners can still get it right.

It's a lot of fun planting a flower bed, but even more so when the flowers you plant are as as beautiful as this, and support a worthy cause!