If you are planning on participating in a cancer walk fundraiser, you've probably already thought of the most obvious way to bring in money: pledges from your friends, family, and people in the neighborhood. But are you really doing all you could be doing to maximize your efforts for the cancer walk fundraiser? Sure, pledges are important, but there are a lot of other things you could also be doing to ensure that your fundraising effort is as good as it possibly can be.

There are so many supplementary ideas out there for a cancer walk fundraiser, that it's difficult to know even where to begin. One simple thing you can do just do boost your pledge money is to add another facet to your walk, something above and beyond what the other walkers will be doing. For example, you can draw a lot of attention to your participation in the fundraising idea by wearing some sort of silly costume, dressing up in a way that will make people laugh or notice you more than they normally would. It's a simple gimmick, but it works, and it can make your cancer walk fundraiser a little more fun in the process.

Aside from pledges, your cancer walk fundraiser effort can be boosted with some fundraising items. Scratch cards fundraisers, candy fundraisers and fundraising lollipops are all things that can be carried around with you on the day of the cancer walk fundraiser, and they are easy enough to sell that you can make a nice little extra bundle of money just from having that one extra thing added on to your cancer walk fundraiser. So sit down with a notebook and get creative with some ideas - you never know just what you might come up with that will make your cancer walk fundraiser not only more fun, but more profitable, too.