Whether you are a bowling league organizer who is trying to cover costs, a team captain who wants everyone to have a uniform, or an individual player who needs a new ball or new shoes, at some point it will occur to you to come up with some bowling fundraising ideas.

Fundraisers are a great way to offset the costs of participating in competitive sports, and with the right bowling fundraising ideas, you can really do well and help take some of the financial pressure off of the team.

One of our best bowling fundraisers for individuals and small fundraising teams is scratch cards. Bowlers like them because they're easy to carry around, ready for action whenever a fundraising opportunity might arise. They're a direct sale bowling fundraising idea, so after you purchase however many cards you want, all the money you make from them goes directly toward your total goal. Each card has fifty covered dots with a total scratchable amount of $100, and as you get each supporter to scratch off two dots and give the suggested donation, the profits will start rolling in immediately. It really couldn't be easier, and with profit levels between 70% and 90%, these are very popular bowling fundraising ideas for teams that need a moderate amount of money in a short time.

Chocolate fundraising bars can also work surprisingly well for bowlers. The reason for this is simple: everyone loves chocolate! And with prices starting at just a dollar per bar, these really can't be beat for value. If you can get a volunteer to walk around and sell chocolate to spectators while you play (ask the alley for permission, of course), then you can even pick up extra money aside from your own efforts in the outside community.

Choosing bowling fundraising ideas is easier than you think - call your fundraising consultant if you have any questions, and let us get you pointed in the right direction.