Cartridge fundraising programs are a unique way for non-profits, businesses, youth groups, church groups, sports teams, schools and other groups to fundraise for their needs or the needs of others.

The best part of this type of program is that every fundraising group learns the importance of recycling cartridges for printers, photocopiers and other electronic machines that use cartridges.

The first step in cartridge fundraising programs is announcing the fundraising campaign, which involves the creation of posters, memos, newsletter entries or handouts for everyone within the group involved. These can be put up in retail stores, schools, offices, supermarkets and other buildings, as well as on telephone poles and community information boards.

The second step is to coordinate the cartridge fundraising by locating convenient and safe collections areas so that businesses, co-workers, school faculty members, parents, students, employees and others can bring in their used cartridges.

The third step is to reinforce the existence of the cartridge fundraising programs by issuing further brochures about the program so that the groups can begin their campaign from home and with neighbors, family members, relatives and friends.

The fourth step is to get local business support by getting them to also bring their used cartridges to the group's drop off location.

The fifth step is to take the cartridges to be recycled to the agreed to or an appropriate recycling depot each time the box for collections has been filled and collecting the recycling funds as every cartridge purchased has a recycling deposit just like bottles do.

However, if the groups doing the cartridge fundraising programs are large enough and the responses expected are to be substantial then there are companies that can organize pickups for collected cartridges. In this case, an inventory of the collected cartridges will be taken, the cartridges will be taken away to be checked to see their ability to be reused or recycled and then the recycling money is calculated, being returned to the group in a bulk check.