If you are looking for a cheap fund raiser you need to define for yourself exactly what that means. Many people search for cheap and easy fundraiser ideas. We suggest, though, that people concentrate on profitability and affordability rather than cheap. Cheap and easy fundraisers may sound attractive but are not really the best criteria.

Is Cheap What You Want in a Fundraiser?

Let me explain. If I say I have a deal on some cheap cookie dough. What is your first reaction to that offer? Does it sound enticing or a little scary? We think it's the latter. So cheap fundraising items are not necessarily what you are looking for.

Now if I told you I have a fantastic cookie dough line that you can sell and make 60 percent profit, do you get a different visual? I feel certain it does.

If you have reached this page because you are searching for cheap fund raiser ideas, we suggest you speak to a reputable fundraising company and talk to them about the exact criteria you are after.

If you are limited on funds to start your fundraiser there are brochure or pre-sell fundraisers available that do not require any money upfront. You sell from these brochures and collect your money upfront so you do not need any upfront cash to start. Hopefully the merchandise in the catalogs is not cheap but appropriately priced so the buyer gets good value and you get good sales.