Other than Girl Scout cookies, chocolate bars are the most common fundraising item sold in the United States. In fact, chocolate bars fundraising has provided more baseball equipment and entry fees to sports camps and playground equipment than any of us can imagine.

But lately, the sale of chocolate bars in fundraising has slowed down. The slow down has been blamed on the rising prices for chocolate and the need to keep the chocolate bar prices at one dollar. The industry understands the importance of that price. People just do not want to spend more than a dollar for a candy bar. But that creates a dilemma. How do fundraising groups sell chocolate bars for a dollar, make the profit that they have come to expect and still offer a chocolate bar at a price competitive with the corner discount store or vending machine?

Chocolate Bar Sales are Rebounding

The answer for a time was that they could not compete. Chocolate bars shrunk in size and there was a small rebellion in the market place. However expectations have settled down and the realization that chocolate bars are necessary for fundraising have returned. People have come to understand that fundraising candy has fundraising specific wrappers and different packaging and that people will spend a dollar to support them even if the customer could have bought a candy bar a little cheaper at the discount store.

Companies like Hershey?s have overcome the rebellion by continuing to offer add on value items to their candy. They continue for now to place coupons on the wrapper to their candy bar equal to the price of the candy. Though the coupon might change from time to time, at the time this article was written, the coupon was good for a dollar off a Subway sandwich. They also included incentives in the carriers so that each seller would be rewarded.

As chocolate bars for fundraising weakened as a market force, companies like Van Wyk Confections who make the Original One Dollar Bar began to thrive. They offer what they claim to be the largest one dollar fundraising chocolate bar available. Their graphics are creative with wrappers that look like one dollar bills. The company and its products hoped to satisfy the people that were dissatisfied with the reduction in size by the national brands.

These days, though, chocolate bars fundraising has begun to strengthen and sales have begun to meet expectations.