Choirs have a unique opportunity for fundraising due to the nature of the organization. Because the choir is centered around performance, it's a great idea to have a fundraising evening in which people can pay a donation in exchange for seeing the choir perform. But what many choirs don't realize is that there is tremendous potential for increasing profits beyond a mere ticket charge. Once the audience are in the building, why not use that to maximum advantage with some additional choir fundraisers?

Most choir performances have an intermission, and this is a fantastic time to serve refreshments and get in some supplemental choir fundraisers. Drinks and snacks are a great idea, and while you're at it, why not have a table full of chocolate bars for sale? Scratch cards are also fun and easy to distribute, and all they're a direct sale item with high profit, you can get a lot of help from choir fundraising ideas like these.

If yours is a church choir, there are endless opportunities for fundraising after services have finished. Choir members can set up outside the church to sell candy or scratch cards, as these small direct sale items work really well for customers who are just passing through.

Perhaps you are planning on sending the choir members out into the larger community to do their choir fundraiser, and in this case you may do well with a catalogue fundraiser, especially if you have quite a large choir who can bring in a significant number of orders each. One of the most popular choir fundraisers is the green fundraiser, which involves a catalog packed full of items which are both useful, and good for the environment. In this day of increased environmental consciousness, these kinds of products go over really well, and can be a very lucrative choir fundraiser for your group.