Is your troop looking for something new for your next boy scout fund raiser? How do you decide what will work for your group? There are a few things to consider when choosing the next fundraiser.

Troop size: There are lots of programs out there made for various sized-groups. If you have just a few boys in your troop, look for a fundraising program that will offer high profits. With scratch cards, you make lots of money with just a few people. If you have a bigger group consider a fundraiser that has a high minimum ? the more people selling, the more likely you will be to reach your goal. No matter what size your troop is, always check for minimum orders and shipping fees.

Timing: When are you planning to run this boy scout fund raiser? Find a product to sell that will benefit the time of year you will be selling. Flower bulbs sell best in early spring, cookie dough makes a great Christmas gift, and calendars sell well at the beginning of the year.

Audience: Who will be buying? Make sure you know your customer. If your typical customers are adults, think about having a coffee and tea fundraiser. If you are selling to children, candy and lollipops will be your best bet (hint: try to sell concessions at a baseball or football game).

Before you venture out on your next fundraiser quest, do a little research. Learn everything you can prior to starting your boy scout fund raiser, and call your fundraising consultant for any last minute advice.