If you have a family member in the school orchestra, you've probably already come across fundraising at one time or another.

There are plenty of orchestra fundraiser ideas to choose from, and as an orchestra supporter you've probably heard every idea in the book.

Part of the skill involved in successful fundraising is being able to get the right orchestra fundraiser for both the students and their supporters. Kids have certain fundraisers that they always like to do, but you have to think about what your supporters would most likely be interested in buying if you want your sales numbers to be high.

If the orchestra fundraiser is going to be held in the school, with the students as the customers, then you'll want to choose something that will appeal to the kids, and that basically means chocolate. A chocolate fundraiser is a natural choice for schools, because what kid wouldn't want a chocolate bar after school or during the lunch period?

You do need to check the school's policy before you run an orchestra fundraiser, however, because some school districts will not allow you to distribute candy on school grounds.

If your supporters are more likely to be adults in the community, then you'll want to choose an orchestra fundraiser that is more in tune with what adults would be interested in. The Parade of Magazines fundraiser is always a popular choice. Just about every household you come across has at least one magazine subscription, and if you give people the opportunity to get their favorite magazines at heavily discounted prices, that can be a very popular orchestra fundraiser that you can run year after year.

We have plenty of orchestra fundraiser ideas to help you reach your goals. Have a look through our selections of school fundraisers, and start looking forward to getting those profits rolling in.