The sanctuary is the most important part of the church and every detail in it should be designed to add to the atmosphere, personality, and mission of the church. One of the most important elements in the sanctuary is the manufacture and arrangement of the pews.

Here are five pointers on picking and installing the right pews for your church by choosing the right pew manufacturer.

1. Consult an expert

In reality, one of the most important aspects of good pews is if they are comfortable. Will someone be likely to listen to the message and join wholeheartedly in the worship if they are sore and uncomfortable? An expert will know just how to make your pews perfect with things such as what woods will be most durable, how far apart the pews should be spaced, and other details.

One of the best things you can do is to have someone you can go to who has experience and knows what they're doing. Consulting with your church's builder and do additional research to identify a company specializing in the manufacture of pews.

A pew manufacturer can help you work over many problems - like the need for flexibility. You may want to use chairs for the first several rows, so that they can easily be moved to make room for a play or a large event. A manufacturer specializing in church seating may be able to provide both the chairs and the pews to create a matching and coordinated look.

2. Choose a company that understands the complexity of pew manufacturing

Experts acknowledge that the foundation of pew designing is structural integrity. This comes to play particularly in constructing the back of the pew. For not only does it need to support the person seated in it, but it needs to be stable for the people behind it who use it for support when they stand.

The question of wood can also be tricky. Pew manufacturers have found that traditional woods are not as practical as they are beautiful. Solid woods expand and contract according to the heat, cold, and humidity. This causes them to crack, split, and warp. A more modern option is plywood and medium-density fiberboard, with veneers of hardwood. This keeps the elegance and beauty of hardwood as well as insuring its stability and structure. Manufacturers will guarantee the endurance of the pews for the life of the building if they are designed in this way.