Personalized church cookbook fund raising and custom fundraising cookbooks in general are a great way for your group to make the money it needs. It is not uncommon for churches, schools, civic organizations and other large non-profits to report profits of a thousand to ten thousand dollars every time they hold a cookbook fund raiser.

So, why do cookbook fundraisers work so well? Because people love to cook and they like to eat and they like to see recipes from people of common interest. So consider offering school fund raising cookbooks for your next fundraiser!

Here are some tips on putting together and selling your own cook book:

Advertise the fact that you will be putting together your cook book fundraiser. Give people an idea of your schedule and let them know that you want their favorite recipes. Most people are proud to see their old family recipes published and will be happy to help.

Form a committee to sort through the recipes you receive. Make sure someone reviews all recipes to make sure they appear correct. You don't want any major mistakes in your cook book if possible. You also want to make sure you have recipes in each of the different major categories in your cookbook. A good way to insure that is to ask each submitter to give you three to five recipes and include an appetizer, salad, entr?e and dessert.

If you see that you are not getting enough recipes in a particular category let people know about it soon. People will come to your rescue if they know your needs.

Don't stop collecting recipes until you have at least 100 pages worth of recipes and enough to complete all the sections you planned.

If possible, include graphics in your cookbook. You can do that with any clip art program or even get people to give you photographs or drawings. A text only book is not nearly as attractive as one with graphics.

Make sure some one responsible is put in charge of proof reading your final draft. Try to catch typos. Spell check software is useful but not always complete. So read carefully.

When determining a selling price try to research what other local groups have sold their cookbooks for. Under no circumstances should you charge less than twice whatever the actual printing and binding charges are for the cookbook.

Finally, if you can not get enough recipes on your own, consider using fundraising cookbook software such as the services offered by companies like Fundcraft. Although we are not associated in any respect with this company, we have reviewed their website and found it to be a good resource.