After water, coffee may be one of the most common drinks consumed by Americans on a regular basis. Why not take advantage of America's thirst for coffee by holding a coffee fundraiser?

It is simple and usually requires no money upfront to get started.

Your group uses coffee order forms or brochures showing the wide variety of gourmet flavors for your customers to choose between. Most coffee for fundraisers is already ground since many people may not grind their own coffee. This is far better than offering both ground and un-ground coffee because it eliminates possible mistakes.

Using the brochure, your group shows them to potential customers, takes orders and collects payment upfront. When you accept payment in the form of a check you need to make sure the checks are made out to your group, not the coffee fundraising company. Typical coffee fundraisers last for two weeks.

At that time you collect all the order forms from your participants and tally up the total for each flavor. Once you have the totals you call the company and place your wholesale order. Usually your coffee will arrive within a couple weeks of placing your order.

Some groups prefer to purchase the coffee from the coffee fundraiser company in advance and have it on hand to sell. Many more people will purchase coffee on the spur of the moment if you can hand them a bag of coffee right then. The only problem with this type of coffee fundraiser is that it requires an upfront investment and you need to guess which flavors will sell.