School budgets used to cover so much more than they do nowadays. As ideas for prom themes get more elaborate and expensive every year, the amount of theschool budget that can be devoted to prom dwindles. Some school districts rely entirely on fundraising ideas for prom to ensure that the dance can even happen, and the success of the prom is directly tied to the success of the fundraiser. If it's your turn this year to think up some effective prom fundraising ideas, you may feel that the pressure's on you to get it right, because the students expect to have a prom they will remember forever. When you're brainstorming fundraising ideas for prom, it's important to remember the greatest weapon in your fundraising arsenal: the students. Students are natural salespeople as it is, and if they're personally motivated to work toward a particular goal (like having a great prom), they'll be even more enthusiastic than usual about the fundraiser. You need to count up how many people you have on your fundraising team, and divide that into the amount of money you need to have the prom the students want. Then you can get some idea of what each student's individual effort needs to be, and you can choose fundraising ideas for prom accordingly. Don't shy away from the classic fundraising ideas for prom just because they've been done before. The reason things like chocolate bars are still such popular fundraisers is because they have a proven track record for working year after year in helping people raise the money they need. If you can get permission for the students to sell the chocolate on school grounds during breaks and lunch periods, chocolate bars can be one of the best fundraising ideas for prom out there, and the students will love doing that fundraiser.