Thinking of just the right high school fundraiser ideas sounds easy on the surface, but in practice it can be a little bit more difficult. High school kids develop a lot of their ideas about adulthood during these years before they enter it themselves, so you want their fundraising experience to leave them with a positive impression of what money can do and how teamwork can be used to achieve a goal. So how do you go about choosing the best high school fundraising ideas? The process can be as easy as following a few simple guidelines.

These days, fundraising is a fact of life for most high schools and school groups. The students have probably already had a few experiences with fundraisers in elementary or middle school, or perhaps as part of a church or youth group. It would be wise to count this experience in the equation when you are considering high school fundraiser ideas, because after all, the kids are likely to form the great majority of your sales team and will be an integral part of the fundraising process. With that in mind, you can start making your list of high school fundraiser ideas.

Depending on how much money you need to make to reach your target, and the size of the group you're working with, appropriate high school fundraiser ideas could be anything from chocolate bars to scratch cards to our popular green catalogue fundraiser idea. Browse through our high school fundraiser ideas and get a feel for just how wide a range there is of activities you can choose from. Keep in mind that smaller groups will need to choose a high school fundraiser idea with low minimums or free shipping, whereas larger groups may be able to go for something where the minimums are a bit higher. Either way, keep the kids excited about what they're doing, because their energy is one of the most important elements of the high school fundraiser.