If you are attempting to organize some fundraising for music, you are probably now at the point where you have to select a fundraiser. But which activity or product will work best for your group?

This is the part of the process that takes some thought and research, but if you do some quality work now, that will make things much easier for the rest of your fundraising effort. The good news, there is no single right way to go about things, and within reason, you can pretty much plan it however you want.

Music fundraising needs to be tailored to your anticipated customer base. Do you know what kind of people you want your fundraising team to be approaching? Is this going to be something that will involve the general community, or are you targeting a specific age group or demographic? These are important questions, because as with any selling, fundraising for music depends on having the right product for your market, so you need to spend a decent amount of time figuring out exactly what that market is.

The other main thing to consider when fundraising for music is how much money you need to make, what your monetary goals are. The more money you need to bring in, the more you need to pay attention to the sorts of fundraisers you're considering. For example, you don't want a situation where you just choose something like lollipops because you think that would be a fun fundraiser, but then later it dawns on you that you need a lot more money than a lollipops fundraiser can reasonably be expected to bring in. You need to match your activities to your goals, and then fundraising for music becomes a breeze. The blanks start to fill themselves in, and before you know it, you'll be heading down the road to fundraising success.