In the end, it comes down to this: middle school activities cost money, sometimes a lot of money. In fact, activities like sports seem to get more expensive every year, while funding for extracurricular clubs and groups keeps on a steady decline. While you probably understand this, the kids may not, so what's the key to getting middle school students excited about fundraisers?

This is actually a great opportunity to teach kids the value of money, and to give them some hint that things don't just automatically fall in their laps like they may be accustomed to. At some point they should start learning that it's great to work toward things and earn them, and there's a strong feeling of pride when you have a fundraiser for an activity in your middle school, and the direct result is that the group benefits from their own hard work. The sooner the kids latch onto this pride, the better, because fundraisers will be a fact of life throughout their middle school and high school years - maybe even into college.

But don't think that you have to push responsibility and budget pressures down the throats of middle school students. There's no reason for anyone, including the adults, to dread a middle school fundraiser or feel pressured by it, and in fact the lighter the atmosphere, the better the result, usually. Remember that this fundraiser will do nothing but help the group, and the more enthusiastic and happy people can get about that, the more likely the kids are to be enthusiastic about their fundraiser, and that in turn will drive sales up.

Keeping middle school students excited and looking forward to a successful fundraiser is one of the key ways to manufacture that success. Middle school students are great as salespeople, and that combined with our fantastic selection of middle school fundraising ideas will ensure that your fundraiser comes out the best it possibly can.