Anyone involved in sports understands that your teamwork is as much at work off the field as it is during the game. The ways that you work together as a team while you are not playing has a great effect on the way you work together while the clock is running. Group projects are a great way to build team unity?.and if you are going to work on something, it might as well be a project that you can benefit from in more ways than one ? like fundraising.

Sports team fundraisers work a lot like the actual games - working together toward a common goal; the background of sports. On the field, your team has one main goal ? to win. During a fundraiser, the same holds true. Your goal is to raise money; as much as possible. The more money you raise, the better season you have on the field. You can afford better equipment, dues or fees can be lowered, travel expenses are not a problem, etc.

There are many options for sports team fundraising, but the stand out is the Money Savings Card. Just like a pizza card, your team purchases the cards upfront, and sells them to customers for $10 each. The price you pay to receive the cards initially is determined by the amount of cards you order. Each group makes at least 50% profit with the Money Savings Cards fundraiser.

What are Money Savings Cards? When a customer buys a card from your team they are essentially purchasing discounts. With the card they can go online and sign up for a membership that allows them major discounts from hundreds of popular online shopping venues. The membership sends them email alerts when there is a big sale from their favorite stores, and highlights discounts when they are on certain websites.

The Money Savings Card is so simple. There is no expiration for the cards and they can be sold world-wide since the purchases are done online. Sports team fundraising has never been this easy. The next time your team needs to raise money, or work on team-work OFF the field, think of selling Money Savings Cards.