JROTC is important to so many students who are looking to get a head start on their careers, or who are simply dedicated to the self-discipline it takes to train in a military context. JROTC builds strength and character, and can be a fantastic way for students to get themselves headed in the right direction.

Still, these programs do not run for free, and the school district does not always have the money necessary to cover costs.

JROTC fundraisers are a fantastic way for the training corps to band together toward a common goal, and bridge the gap between current funding and what is actually needed. When choosing JROTC fundraisers, you want to keep the mood light and fun. This is a great exercise in teamwork, and you want the corps to understand that every step they take helps them reach their financial goals, and benefits them directly.

Choose fundraising ideas that match up to the personality of your fundraising team, and that go well with the numbers you have. If you have a small group, go with something high-profit that has low minimums and no shipping.

Scratch card fundraisers work so well for smaller groups, and even individuals who need a JROTC fundraiser to help cover personal costs. Because scratch cards have low costs and high profit, they work well for groups with small numbers, and they're some of the most popular fundraisers out there these days.

Larger groups can go for any number of fundraisers, but it might be fun to think big and do a brochure fundraiser. Things like cookie dough fundraisers are very popular with students and parents alike, and you don't have to put down any money upfront. Just order your brochures and order forms, which we will send to you free of charge, and you can get your JROTC fundraiser started right away.