These days, we need to spend more effort than ever encouraging children to participate in sports. It's not like it used to be, where exercise was the default activity for kids who weren't in school. Now there is ever-increasing competition from computers, television, and games consoles, and when you can convince your kids to get out of the house, it's nothing short of a miracle. You definitely don't want a situation in which there's a financial barrier as well, so for most children's sports, coming up with some great ideas for kids sports teams is essential to keep the team up and running. The greatest weapon you have in your fundraising arsenal is the kids themselves. People love helping children, especially for something like sports, and if you've ever had your child try to convince you to buy something for them, you already know that they are natural born salespeople. If your kids are younger they may need assistance and supervision with their fundraiser, but even very young kids can do well with fundraising ideas for kids sports teams where they go door to door in the neighborhood, or approach friends and family members for support. Chocolate and scratch cards fundraisers are both easy fundraising ideas for kids sports teams that work consistently well. Chocolate is a no-brainer - you can sell it at games and there's hardly any limit to what you can make. Scratch cards are a great idea because they're so easy - there are no products to ship and they're easy to carry around. If you can get someone at the games to walk through the crowd, you can get people to scratch dots off a scratch card and get some great donations. For these and other easy fundraising ideas for kids sports teams, check out our sports-related fundraisers today.