Oh, the Girl Scouts and Brownie troops have it so easy - they have a magic fundraiser already built into their national program. Girl Scout Cookies are such a staple of successful fundraising that you may be worried about how your little Cub Scouts can compete with something like that. But actually, Cub Scout fundraisers can be equally successful, and lots of fun. You just need a good fundraiser idea, and you're ready to go.

You're actually at an advantage with Cub Scout Fundraisers because of the wide range of fundraising ideas available to you. Since you're not limited to cookies alone, you can expand your ideas and think of something a little different for your Cub Scout troop to do. There are an amazing number of excellent Cub Scout fundraisers available - you just need to choose one that will suit your troop.

Food is always a popular choice for Cub Scout fundraisers, and with fundraising ideas like pizza cards and cookie dough, you can hardly go wrong. The cookie dough fundraisers have a low minimum for orders, whereas the pizza cards have some of the highest profits available for fundraisers, which means they particularly suit smaller troops where it's more challenging to get a high number of sales.

One of the most popular choices for Cub Scout fundraisers in recent years is the green catalogue fundraiser. A lot of people these days are very rightly concerned about the environment, and of course they worry about their own health, as well. So if you want to go with something a little more health-conscious, not only is a green Cub Scout fundraiser a good choice, but it can also teach the troop some important lessons about going green.

Of course, these are not the only choices available to you, and we have an impressive array of different Cub Scout fundraisers available. As long as you choose one that suits your troop and your financial goal, you'll be on your way to fundraising success in no time.