Football is one of the things that really binds students together in school spirit, and it's one of the most popular extra-curricular activities out there. Football is not a cheap sport to get into, however, and these days having a fundraiser for football is pretty much necessary in order to keep everything running smoothly. A fundraiser for football can be an excellent way to make sure that the team gets the funding it requires for things like uniforms and equipment, but of course you want everyone to have some fun with it, as well, so that your fundraiser doesn't become a chore.

You may be tempted to roll your eyes at the idea of selling candy bars, as it's pretty much the oldest fundraiser for football in the book, but there's a reason that candy bar fundraisers are still around - namely, they work really well as a fundraiser for football. People don't get tired of chocolate, and if you go for a brand name like Hershey's, well, that's sure to be a big success. Candy works really well as a fundraising idea for football if the kids are going to be selling to their fellow students, so if you can get permission for them to sell at lunch periods or pep rallies, this can be a really lucrative fundraiser for football.

Scratch cards can be another great fundraiser for football, and they work especially well for smaller groups. The idea behind this high-profit fundraiser for football is simple: you sell the cards to your supporters, they get a 2-for-1 deal from a local pizza merchant, and you keep the profits on the cards. You can make up to 90% on the pizza cards, which makes them a really fun and effective fundraiser for football, especially if you think you can move a lot of cards in a short time.