If you want a new and different fundraiser, there are all kinds of ideas out there.

But that doesn't mean that the classic fundraisers aren't relevant anymore, and in fact one in particular is becoming more relevant than ever.

Flowers for fundraisers may sound old-fashioned or indeed just old, but there's a good reason this classic fundraiser is seeing a resurgence in popularity. With all the buzz surrounding people going green, flower bulb fundraisers can be your ticket to being a part of a very modern and fun fundraising effort.

The only thing you need to do is get your fundraising team in the right frame of mind. One thing that's great to do if you're choosing flowers for fundraisers is to have a little meeting when you receive your brochures, and get your team familiar with the different kinds of flowers and planting instructions.

We provide you with detailed planting instructions that are easy to follow, and many of your supporters (especially the ones who are new to gardening) will want to know exactly how much work is involved. When they see how easy it actually is, the decision to purchase beautiful flowers from you becomes a lot easier.

Making sure that your fundraising team members are knowledgeable when they go out in the field can help your supporters feel even more confident about purchasing flowers for your fundraiser. Flowers for fundraisers are a great idea if you have a group that is concerned about the initial available budget.

Flower bulbs are a pre-sale fundraiser, which means you do not have to put any money down upfront. You collect the money for orders as you go along, and call us up when you've finished your fundraising period. After you settle up for your orders, we ship your fundraising flowers out to you, so you can distribute them to your supporters.