You've probably seen lots of football fundraising ideas in all different shapes and sizes. Catalogues, food, and discount cards are all fundraising ideas that are popular with sports teams. You may have a special situation, though, if you already know from experience that your football fundraiser ideas need to appeal to kids. If the football team's fellow students are likely to be the majority of your customer base, you'll want to choose a football fundraising idea that the kids will really love.

It may sound like the oldest clich? ever, but candy bars are a very popular football fundraising idea. Let's face it, kids never, ever get tired of chocolate, so if your customers are mostly going to be students, candy is a no-brainer. If you can organize a situation where the football players can sell to their fellow students on school grounds (be sure to check first if this is allowed in your school district), then you've got a football fundraising idea that practically guarantees success. Sticking with name brand candy is probably your best bet (Hershey's bars and M&Ms are always good sellers), because as we all know kids like to go with brands they've heard of.

Cookie dough can be another highly successful fundraising idea for football, as it works on the same basic principle that kids love sweet snacks. Cookie dough fundraising may seem a bit indulgent as far as football fundraising ideas go, but everyone deserves a treat at least once in awhile, and seeing as it's all to help support the football team, something like cookie dough can go over really well if you're looking for a pre-order fundraising idea.

It only takes a little common sense to play your cards right and come up with football fundraising ideas that will suit your group and its customers perfectly. As long as you keep your goal in mind, coming up with appropriate football fundraising ideas is actually the easy part.