In the south, football is far more than just a sport; it is a way of life. The screaming fans, the cheerleaders, the half-time show, and of course your favorite team are all a part of the scene. But a true southerner knows that the setting for the big game is not done in a huge stadium filled with millions of fans while the rest watch on TV. No, the big game is played on a Friday night, after school is out, and the parking lot is filled with anxious parents trying to maneuver around school buses. The marching band is warming up, and the cheerleaders are stretching; you stop to say hello to the ticket taker on the way in because you have known him since preschool, and you make it to your usual seat where you are surrounded by friends who have become more like your Fall weekend family.

Starting in September, football is a southern comfort, but without football fundraisers, none of this is possible. Most fans do not realize the amount of money that goes into a typical football season. Second only to hockey players, football teams require the most uniform equipment and that alone is enough to warrant a football fundraiser.

A direct-sell fundraiser is usually the best way to raise money for the team. Direct-sell means that you actually have the product on hand to sell. The other option is a pre-sell fundraiser, where you collect money in advance, send off the order and wait for the products to be delivered before you pass them out. Due to the nature of football games though, it is far easier to do a direct-sell fundraiser, and there are plenty of options.

Candy fundraisers are always a hit both at games and in the high-school cafeteria during lunch. Sure, you can raise money at the games, but you can start way before the season by have candy on sale during the lunch hour. Along the same lines, lollipops are a big hit. If you are in the south, at a game, in September then you probably know what it means to sweat?and the last thing you want at a game is melting chocolate. So if the temperatures are still high, sell lollipops for the first couple of games before the weather cools. And if you want a healthier choice, try selling Jack Link's Beef Jerky.

So give your fans a new way to support the team. Find a new football fundraising idea, and enjoy the game!