One of the facts of the school year is the annual prom, but unfortunately the cost of putting on a prom is so high these days that fundraisers for prom are pretty much a necessity in order to keep the event running. Fundraisers can be a fantastic way to make sure that your prom gets the budget boost it needs, but of course you want to have a fundraiser for prom that is both fun and effective.

Pizza cards can be a great fundraiser for any school event, and they work especially well for prom. The concept behind this kind of fundraiser is simple - local pizza merchants give two-for-one discounts in exchange for the card, the buyers get great deals on delicious pizza, and the prom organizers get to add the profits from the cards to the prom budget. It's a fantastic fundraiser for prom, and many groups have had amazing success with pizza cards.

The idea of selling candy bars yet again may make you roll your eyes, but there's a reason that candy bar fundraisers for prom are a perennial favorite: they work. Chocolate never goes out of style, and if you stick with brand names like Hershey's or M&Ms, that sort of thing is bound to be a hit. Obviously this works much better as a fundraiser for prom if the kids are going to be selling to their fellow students; if you can get permission for the kids to sell on school grounds at lunch periods and after school, this can be one of the most profitable fundraisers for prom out there.

There's no one correct formula for choosing the perfect fundraisers for prom, so familiarize yourself with your options by checking out our prom fundraisers pages, and you're bound to find some fundraisers for prom that will suit you and your group perfectly.