There are different types of fundraising consultants. The Association of Fundraising Consultants (AFC) has their members accredited to the highest professional standards available within the Europe Union. The association was established in 1990 by fundraising consultants who recognized the need to provide a European professional standard.

Online Fundraiser Consulting

Fundraising companies offer products and services to help you raise money. Typically their sale staff acts as consultants for your fundraising projects since they can offer advice on the different options they have available. With technology today you can visit an online fundraising company like Easy Fundraising Ideas without even getting up from your computer. This fundraising site offers a wealth of information at the touch of a finger; or you can call the toll free number 866-874-8383 and talk personally to the experienced fundraising specialists at Easy Fundraising Ideas. These fundraising specialists have the training and the information needed to help you brainstorm through any fund raising questions you may have: “What new fundraising products are available?” or “what fundraising program will work best for my group?” These fund raiser specialists can give you the information and guidance you need to make the best decisions for your fundraising project. By using this type of specialist, you would have no additional cost for consultation or other professional services.

Professional Consultants for Fund Raisers

Depending on the nature or magnitude of your fund raising project you may feel the need to contract a professional fundraising counselor. We have listed below three professional fund raising organizations which have consultants available. We list them simply as examples. We DO NOT have firsthand experience with any of them, nor do we recommend them to you. The purpose of listing them is to show you what some companies might offer.

  • Custom Development Solutions, Inc. Professional Fundraising Consulting (CDS) is a full-service fundraising consulting firm specializing in the strategic planning and tactical execution of capital campaigns for non-profits large and small. They offer capital campaign counsel and fund-raising consultants to organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Their site is a resource for philanthropy, non-profit and fund-raising professionals, and people interested in hiring a fundraising consultant. They claim their commitment to service has made CDS one of America's fastest growing fund raising firms. CDS will help you identify the best prospects through careful donor research and analysis, then help you develop and execute a plan to cultivate and solicit them effectively. They will show you how to set up an orderly system to collect pledges you have received. Perhaps most importantly, they will help you create a unique system of donor recognition - a system which will distinguish your organization from others and allow you to build a stronger relationship with donors.
  • EMD Fundraising Consulting Group: This company consults with nonprofit organizations in management, strategic planning and fundraising. Collectively, the three principals of the company of more than 90 years experience as fundraising consultants. They help with strategic planning, fundraising plans, fundraising assessments, fundraising technology, capital campaign feasibility studies, capital campaign planning, economic feasibility studies and program development. They work with clients from start up institutions to ones with multimillion dollar budgets.
  • Graham-Pelton Fundraising Consulting Firm is a full-service fundraising and nonprofit management firm. They believe that successful development efforts not only achieve their immediate goals, but also enhance the mission, image and strength of the organization they benefit. With that in mind, they create effective fundraising management systems that help organizations achieve long-term success. They structure each project, capital, endowment or annual campaign to maximize a clients opportunity to create positive relationships among staff and volunteers, cultivate and educate volunteer leadership, develop its donor prospect base, enhance its public image, plan for strategic, long-term fundraising initiatives, train its fundraising staff and widen its donor base and increase donor loyalty and satisfaction. Graham-Pelton professionals offer decades of experience in every aspect of development for every type of organization or project.