If you've been trying to think of fundraising ideas for individual projects, then obviously you're very motivated about what you're doing, and you're willing to go it all alone. But you'll never be completely alone - we're here to help you out with all the best fundraising ideas for individual efforts out there, things that will really harness your fundraising power and get you to your goals as fast as possible.

One of the best individual fundraising ideas is pizza cards. It's unbelievable how enthusiastic people get about a discount on pizza, and when you're offering them a two-for-one deal from a local pizza restaurant, that's an offer that will be difficult for most people to pass up. Getting local merchants involved is also a great idea, as mutual promotion can be a great way to advertise your fundraising effort.

Scratch cards are popular fundraisers anyway, in any situation, but they work particularly well as fundraising ideas for individual projects because of the high profit margins that really help you make the most of your fundraising. And scratch cards are simple to use, and easy to carry around, which means you'll always be ready for a fundraising opportunity at any time, in any place.

The thought of selling chocolate may not have occurred to you when you were thinking of individual fudnraising, but candy fundraising can work fantastically well if you have the right situation. If you work in a large office or some other setting where there are a lot of people, chocolate can be a really great item to sell. Break times, lunch times, or indeed any time of day is a good time for chocolate, and if you can take two weeks to do your fundraiser, then you might want to consider fundraising ideas for individual projects that involve some kind of direct sale snacks.